Cross-Section Properties

Welcome to the sites, which provide you technical data about most common structural shapes. This information can be useful for designing and drawing steel structures.

Select the desired shape of the profile from the top menu and then you can select a specific size of cross-section from drop down menu.

In well arranged table You will see the following information:

  • Designation of cross-section
  • Picture of steel shape with label of dimensions. There are:
    • h: depth of section,
    • b: width of section,
    • tf: flange thickness,
    • tw: web thickness,
    • r: radius of root fillet, or toe radius,
    • d: depth of straight portion of web,
    • ys: distance of centre of gravity,
    • ym: distance of shear centre,
    • α: inclination of main axes of inertia,
  • Main section properties:
    • A: area of section,
    • G: mass per unit length,
    • AL: painting surface per unit length,
  • Following sectional characteristics are given for designers and structural engineers: